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Research and presentation of mysteries of the past for individuals and for organisations. For practical reasons, attention is focused on the history of these islands, beginning with the Norman invasion, and covering all the years of the conflict-filled past, up to the present day. Should you have an idea in mind that falls outside of these parameters, please get in touch and we can see what might be possible.

     This is not about researching family history-there are plenty of websites for that- rather, it is for addressing enduring questions or conundrums relating to people, places and events that don't seem to be covered by the existing historiography, or simply provoke your interest.

     We specialise in the smaller, more personal events of time past, the history of a place, a particular event or person for instance, this way we can bring smaller individuals or communities as near to face to face with their past as is possible. Tell us what person, place or event you are intrigued by and we'll see what can be done.

     This might be through an amusing presentation to a group or organisation, a more formal and educational input or, in the form of an authentic re-enactment like our well-regarded tour of Tintern Abbey in the guise of a mediaeval Monk, and a Nun. If you have an idea, please just ask, and we'll see what can be done - we

are always passionate to talk about history. All of us are well qualified in our subjects, and as teachers/speakers and very experienced at: 'Shining Light on the Past...'

Thank you for your kind attention...